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Code available at: https://codepen.io/alittleredpanda/pen/mqprMm

In the year 2175 the wealthy aristocrats of society have created a high demand for early renaissance oil paintings. They boil down the artworks into a paste to spread onto a type of hard bread as a snack.

An organisation employs young couriers, often underpaid interns to travel back in time to previous centuries to collect these artefacts and return them to their current year to begin a rapid distilling process. There is a particular peak point just after the paint has dried when they produce the best flavour, so the years between 1400 - 1500 became key years to travel back to.

The couriers use state of the art time travelling technology to return to these unfamiliar worlds of the past. However it’s very very rare, but occasionally there are malfunctions during transit, causing the couriers to land in the wrong time period.

In the event of such an incident the couriers cary a device that they turn on in an emergency. A guide to contact help. The couriers need to collect objects made from materials of that time to build an antenna.

The manual also contains instructions on how to fit in incase they encounter humans of this time. It details how to respond to the potentially shocking observations of a different time, how to behave, how to communicate.

Because of disruptions to data archives at the end of the 2090’s understanding of previous generations is patchy, relying on obscure observations and interpretations from buried boxes of DVDS, self help books and family photos.

On a routine journey to 1475 Italy your team encounters a problem with the time machine (time trolley). After a sharp jolt earlier than expected you roll down the window to find a bleak unfamiliar land

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